Secure Mobile Solutions

SmartWorks™ is Capita’s Enterprise Mobility platform that creates a secure, direct, 2-way information channel between staff in the field and the multiple back office systems that enable, inform and record their work.

SmartWorks™ mobilises business processes enabling staff to make accurate and timely decisions by furnishing them with information where and when they need it through a suite of electronic forms/apps to create reports in the field and upload direct to their back office databases.

SmartWorks™ works across the major mobile platforms - Android, iOS, Windows Phone - and provides a federated search and data re-use capability; bringing the user the right data from multiple sources, using that data for multiple tasks and submitting a single report back into the target databases.

SmartWorks™ delivers the following key benefits:

  • Core enabler for business transformation
    • Mobilise the business process
    • Connect staff direct to data sources
  • Demonstrable cost savings from improvements to operational efficiency
    • Reduce time to obtain information and produce reports
    • Significant impact on better data quality, less duplication, higher staff satisfaction
  • Improved data accuracy and integrity
    • Single point of entry and query to all of the back office systems
    • Reduced re-keying, fewer opportunities for error
    • Information is immediate and timely
  • Step change in productivity
    • Removes paper processes, generates significant cost savings
    • All reports originated in electronic form, reduced risk of transcription errors, lost reports etc
  • Reduced organisational risk and improved customer experience
    • Greater staff visibility
    • Less time in the office on paperwork.
  • Automate audit and reporting
    • Digital activity record, can be mined for accurate reporting, performance management and statistics

SmartWorks for Policing

  • Second generation of the leading police mobile solution in the UK
  • Full Managed Service option available
  • Comprehensive, out-of-the-box solution that can be configured with tailored set of required modules and extended with add-ons as needed
  • Compliant with CESG security standards
  • Widest range of back-office connectors to police systems, proven in production
  • Broad support for the leading mobile smartphone platforms
    • Device selection remains with the customer according to their preferred criteria
    • Supports phone and tablet form factors
  • Suitable for on-street and in-car use
  • Crime input time reduced from 18 minutes to 5 minutes
  • Intuitive touch based UI, designed with significant input of experienced police users

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