Supporting the Prison Reform agenda and helping to reduce operational costs

Alongside delivering and supporting the secure TETRA Prison radio system to all Prisons in England and Wales, Capita has been delivering mission critical technology and radio solutions to the wider criminal justice community for over 30 years.

In February 2016 the Prime Minister, David Cameron, spoke at the Policy Exchange on prison reform. One of the three rules he set out was to “give much greater autonomy to the professionals who work in our public services, and allow new providers and new ideas to flourish”

Capita’s latest product offerings have been designed to:

  • Support the Government’s Prison reform agenda.
  • Help reduce operational costs.
  • Improve staff and prisoner safety.

Real-time indoor staff safety tracking – offered as an enhancement to the existing Capita TETRA radio system:

  • Helps improve the safety of all staff and prisoners in the facility.
  • Enables the real-time location monitoring in the control room of all staff and cleared visitors.
  • Ensures instant locating of any personal alarm event and the most efficient response based on a real-time situational awareness of all available resources.

Mobile phone Detect & Deny – based on the latest generation of mobile detect & deny technology:

  • Overcomes the traditional problems of simple radio jamming systems and the expensive ‘Phone Grabbing’ technology.
  • Reliably blocks all illegal mobile phone use in prisons, whilst not inhibiting legal phone use just outside the prison boundary and ensures that official mobile devices can be used in ALL locations within the prison.
  • Enables very accurate, real-time triangulation and tracking of illegal phones activated within the prison.
  • Can also be used to permit certain illegal phones to establish a connection whilst tracking, monitoring and recording usage.

EvidenceWorks Digital Interview Recording System (IRS) – in use with many Police Forces and other Government Agencies in the UK:

  • Enables evidentially sound digital audio and video recording of interviews, together with secure storage and subsequent distribution of the interviews.
  • Provides a robust system that allows prison and police interviews to be conducted in one or more interview rooms within the prison, with the ability to relay the audio and video feed securely to any other authorised location in the prison, or associated / interested agency.
  • Helps to reduce time and cost associated with transporting prisoners to other sites in order to conduct and record interviews for other police investigations.

EvidenceWorks Body Worn Video (BWV) Management – a technology agnostic platform capable of managing large quantities of video material:

  • Camera technology agnostic.
  • Fully MoPI and PACE compliant.
  • Preserves the evidential integrity of the video data, whilst securely managing its storage, access and distribution to authorised recipients.

Secure mobile phone functionality on existing prison radios – This enhancement option to the radio system provides a fully mobile call telephony capability on selected radio handsets, via the existing Prison PABX system:

  • Ensures senior prison staff can always be contacted while moving throughout the prison estate.
  • Much better coverage for mobile calls throughout the prison estate compared to using a conventional mobile phone.
  • Calls are fully protected with TETRA encryption technology.