The time it takes for a front line ambulance to reach an emergency can mean the difference between life and death. In a growing population, the number of 999 calls rises daily, which means that Ambulance Trusts must cope with the ever increasing pressure of reaching 75% of the most serious incidents within 8 minutes. Prior to the introduction of the TETRA based Airwave radio system Ambulance Trusts across the UK were working with analogue radio and utilised a number of different systems for call handling - systems which were losing the battle to keep communications clear, speedy and secureā€¦

In partnership with Airwave Solutions Limited, Capita was contracted by the Department of health to implement the national Ambulance Radio Project (ARP) which involved the provision of control room equipment and installation and support of Airwave radios and mobile data terminals across the entire UK ambulance fleet.

ARP saw a major national deployment of digital radio and mobile voice and data communications infrastructure to all 10 NHS Ambulance trusts across England (with a later extension to include Scotland and Wales) encompassing over 650 operator positions, 800 Ambulance stations, 10,000+ Tetra Digital Radio Mobiles, 12,000+ Hand-portables and 5,000+ Mobile Data installations.

NHS Trusts all over the country rely on PageOne’s services to help make rapid informed decisions on the mobilisation and coordination of staff and resources. From appointment reminders to critical communications for crash teams and first responders, PageOne help simplify day-to-day communications with innovative messaging solutions.