Capita is all charged up over its new electric cars

As part of its commitment to the environment and reducing its carbon footprint, Capita JSS is delighted to announce that from July, many of its ‘high mileage’ engineers will be driving new ‘electric’ company cars.

Many of Capitas engineers spend a lot of time ‘on the road’ and average between 25 - 30,000 miles a year - a cost to the company as well as the environment.

Following an initial ‘good idea’ raised by a member of the field team and after a detailed evaluation of the facts, stats and practicalities, Capita has taken possession of a fleet of 12 Vauxhall Amperas.

The Ampera has a stated mpg figure up to 235.40 mpg emitting just 27 g/km of C02. And at zero road tax each year (as well as an exemption from congestion charging in London) it makes sense for everyone. We are also exploring the viability of installing home and workplace charging points and are currently examining the government funded schemes in place to see if we quality for any assistance.

As Sean Massey from Capita said: ‘Our move towards adopting new transport technologies reinforces our green credentials and commitment to the environment. While we clearly need to check range limits and access to charging points to ensure the cars are feasible for all our engineers, we believe that this is a significant step forward to showing that ‘big’ business can adopt sustainable and innovative technologies whilst operating on a commercial basis’.